Cashier Job Description

A Cashier takes payment by cash, credit card or cheque for various items and counts money at the beginning of the shift to ensure that there is adequate change available for customers.

Entry Requirements

Most employers would expect a minimum of four GCSEs to start in a junior Cashier position, and these would typically include Maths and English. On the job training will be available once in the position of Cashier, and there is also the option of taking NVQs to get into this career. There is the NVQ in Customer Service, and also the NVQ in Providing Financial Services.

You could also consider taking a Maths ‘A’ Level or further academic qualifications in Maths to get into a career as a Cashier that way.

Job Description

A Cashier may be required to issue refunds and receipts to customers, and make sure that the desk and till area is kept tidy and orderly. A Cashier will also need to establish product prices and might need to tabulate bills using calculators or cash registers.

You may also need to be sales orientated in this career, and this will involve spotting opportunities to sell products to customers and listening to what the customer’s needs are to identify related products that your branch can offer. This will become important if profit or sales related bonuses are part of your remuneration package.

Working Hours

The working hours of a full time Cashier will typically be 37 hours Monday to Friday but may involve some weekend work depending on the type of establishment. Part time hours are also widely available.

Skills and Training Development

You will need to have excellent numeracy skills as a Cashier, and a friendly manner when talking to customers. Customers may make complaints and these will need to be handled in a diplomatic way. You will need to be confident in speaking with a variety of different people every day, from diverse backgrounds. Honesty and reliability will also be integral to your career as a Cashier.

There are many ways for Cashiers to progress in their careers, for example, those who work in banks could become Personal Bankers, Customer Service Advisors or even Branch Managers.


A newly qualified Cashier can expect to earn around £14,000 although this can rise to £27,000 depending on experience and the type of establishment, For Cashiers working in banks, there may be profit-related bonus schemes that will boost your income.

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