What Is An Informal Interview? Get a Comprehensive Idea

What Is An Informal Interview |

Your recruiter called you to a cafe to attend an informal interview, and you may wonder what is an informal interview. Interviews can be of different types. Most job interviews are formal, where we visit the recruiters’ office, maintain a standard dress code, and answer the hiring manager’s questions. Because of rapid technological advancements in … Read more

What is Person Specification?

Person Specification Example

A person specification is a document that outlines the essential and desirable skills,  qualifications and experience required for a particular job. It also states the desired level of soft skills, such as communication and teamwork.  As a job seeker in the UK, understanding the person specification for a role is crucial for demonstrating your suitability … Read more

CV References Example- Meaning, Definition, Purpose

cv references example -

Is it mandatory to include the cv references example within your job application? Looking at the conventional cv format, you can get several vital sections. Also, the references on cv are found at the end of the cv. Even in the modern UK format of a cv, one can get one or two references at … Read more

25+ Best Paying Jobs UK Right Now In 2023

25+ Best Paying Jobs UK Right Now In 2023

Are you looking for the Best Paying Jobs UK? Money is a significant factor in your selection if you’re hunting for your initial job after graduating from college or thinking about a career move. However, it’s critical to think about your hobbies and the objectives you’ve set for yourself; it’s also crucial to ensure that … Read more