Sales Consultant Cover Letter Example

To work as a Sales Consultant you will enjoy selling and dealing with the general public. Usually, this type of role works in a shop setting dealing with the general public coming to buy whatever the store sells. You will need to be good at making a sale and enticing the public with the offers … Read more

Wholesale Job Cover Letter Example

If you are looking for a Wholesale job then I am sure that you have researched the role before and know that working in wholesale is the term for working direct selling to retailer, distributor’s etc therefore different price points to the price you get when you buy products direct from shop. You could be … Read more

Customer Services Assistant Cover Letter

As a customer services assistant you will need to keep customers happy. This means that in your cover letter you will need to show that you can do this. You may need to be involved in dealing with them face to face, by email, letter or over the phone and so need to show that you have the appropriate skills for whichever will be relevant to you.

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