8 Phrases To Avoid When Writing A Cover Letter

Your cover letter is the introduction to your CV.

So…after so much effort has gone into creating your perfect CV, it would be unreasonable to fail on the cover letter!
So follow the 8 simple rules and get one step closer to that dream job!!…


To whom it may concern

This is one of the most common introductions used within cover letters, and it is due to the fact it is one of the first things the reader will see which s why it makes number one on the things to avoid! This type of phrase is not suitable to be included in this type of letter as every letter should be addressed to a specific person. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly mention the name of the individual to who the letter is addressed. In addition to this, such phrases show an unprofessional attitude to the reader, which creates a bad first impression.

Too Long

One common mistake that applicants make is that their letter is too long. Recruiters are pushed for time, and just looking at a long cover letter can put them off of reading it.
Keep it short, to the point – introduce yourself but do not repeat all the information that is included within your CV.

Sentences beginning with ‘I’

It is redundant to use phrases starting with the word ‘I’. This is another type of common error that most applicants use in their cover letters. Due to the constant use of the word ‘I’, the reader may lose interest in reading the letter. In this case, the candidates can try to use different words or start the sentence with any word other than ‘I’.
Example – A key method in avoiding the use of the word ‘I’ is to change the structure or formation of the sentence in such a way that it does not start with the word ‘I’

I feel that…

This sentence introduction is considered to be vague in the recruitment world. By using this, you give the reader the impression that you are low in confidence and that you are not sure about what you are talking about.
Example: It has to be either ‘I believe’ or ‘I am confident. As a candidate, you need to be confident and maintain clarity in speech. This will help the recruiter to understand you and reflect you as a sure-footed and steady individual.

Call me at…

This is a phrase that most people use in their cover letters to make sure that the employer calls them once they have decided to select them for the job position they have applied for.

However… this is not the right way to invite a call from the employer. The candidate should be subtle in their language and ask the employer to call him for further dealings in a more formal and humble manner.
Example: “If you require any further information, please feel free to call me”

I want a positive response

This is too direct and too commanding to be included in such a formal letter as a cover letter. Alternatively, wording like ‘I am waiting for an affirmative reply from you’ or ‘I hope for a positive response’ can be used in the letter. These sentences sound more formal and modest.
Remember – The purpose behind including these sentences in the document is to receive a reply from the addressee for the job application sent

I am looking for an interesting job

This is a non-specific sentence of which does not tell the employer exactly what type of work the applicant is looking for.
The candidate should be very clear when mentioning the job title he is applying for; otherwise, it may create confusion in the hiring process. There is also a possibility of the recruiter evaluating the candidate for some other position that the candidate is not looking for. Hence, such phrases should be avoided in the document

Yours lovingly

Since the cover letter is drafted to a recruiter with the purpose of applying for a job, it should be created in a professional manner by keeping in mind the formal etiquette of letter writing. Instead of such phrases, you should use something more proficient.

Example: ‘yours sincerely, ‘yours respectfully, ‘regards’,

Good Luck!

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